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A good marketing plan hinges on building content that is relevant for your brand and the message. This means you need to have a good content plan in place. Here are some essential pointers you need to have handy when you are building your own content plan.

  1. Know your audience: Building a profile of your audience is essential as you can then identify how your content needs to be crafted. Depending on the audience, you can build a structure of the messaging and how it can be delivered.
  2. Where are you going to post: Once you build an audience profile, you will also need to understand where this audience hangs out; where do they consume the content that you intend to create. Are they all on Linkedin, or Medium? Are they only on Twitter? Once you know which platform they hang out, you can create the right kind of teaser material that will bring them to you.
  3. Assess your current position: Most businesses already have content in place. Therefore, it is best to start at the beginning. The first step is to figure out what the existing content is and where it has been used- articles, sponsored posts or videos. Do a quick run through, assess their effectiveness and chalk out the path ahead from there. 
  4. Decide on Content type: Once you are done evaluating existing content, it’s good to decide on what type of content you need to focus on. This is when you play around with different formats and see the one that fits your objective. Once you gain insight to how each format performs, you can narrow it down and use the ones that have most reach/visibility
  5. Write your own content or hire a writer: Knowing your content is extremely critical. Presentation is crucial, too. If you are up to the challenge, then write your own content. Or hire someone who can do this for you. If you hire a writer, ensure that Their job is to convert the raw material you provide as data and build pieces of content that can be used across the different platforms.
  6. Build a calendar: Once you build an audience profile, and know where they hang out, you need to start planning how often you are going to feed them information that you believe is relevant to your business.

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